Thursday, March 29, 2012

Woe have not been here in awhile

Well a lot of things have changed in my life I got rid of some useless baggage lol, and have really started to do things for myself. I am no longer with Spike I had a good hard think and relized I couldnt keep wasting my life waiting for someone who has commitment issues, and would just keep me waiting , plus the lies that he told me about his folks knowing we where back together when he had not told them had become to much for me.

Plus I couldnt be myself I had to try an prove myself to him and his family and it was to stressful, but I will be the one laughing at all this in the end I am loosing weight and well I am happier then Ive ever been.

I had a connection with a guy called Ryhan we both have the same intrests he dosent expect me to change to become well something I am not, he cares for me for me, we share the love of mass Effect and cosplay and games I can spend hours talking to him and hes not scared of committment and I feel safe with him, I go to bed every night thinking about him and it makes me smile.

Hes been amazing I was out shopping with mum yesterday I was in shiploads normally I would buy a stack of junkfood and pig out when I got home but this time I was like no think how great youll look as Female sheapard in ryhans arms when his garrus if you losse those 41 extra kilos so I put the junk food down and walked away from it.

So my aim iis to loose 41 kilos and walk into the next con looking amazing on ryhans arm as Femmale sheapard with her Garrus I know I will feel better in myself and my health will thank me for it. I am doing zumba and going to go on walks will be taking the puppys for a walk soon yay!