Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well so far I have done
Dress 95% complete just have to add the straps.
Vest 80% Complete just have to finishing a little hemming add eyelets,ribbon,details
Gloves * just waiting on them to arrive, then paint design on them.
Cloak * need to add details*
Hair ribbons * front ones done, need to do back ones*
Armour * got to start on*
Crown *still deciding if i should make a new one or not.
Corset to wear underneath has been brought
still need earrings
Have the ears and wig coming

Monday, May 24, 2010

More Cosplay goodness

Well it's coming up to manifest in a few months so working hard to finish my cosplays.

First progress of zelda scroll has been done and hand painted over 10 hours of work done now its just putting it together. sorry its a little blurry still getting used to my new video camera.

Also recently got my sword for ,my bleach characterI am so happy with it , here is a pic but it actually has a red sheath now not the black one.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Princess Zelda Cosplay

My current project. Iam redoing my Zelda from Twilight princess from Scratch, I was so unhappy with the first one I had , it was commissioned and looked nothing like her, it was heavily modified, but I hated it, so I am now redoing the cosplay.

So far
New Scroll has been made, just have to Paint the design on it.
Dress is made, needs to be laced in the back.
Vest is 20% done
Armour is not done waiting on all the gems to arrive then I will be making that.
Gloves will be brought and the design put on.
new wig will be brought as well, I hope to have the bow or sword, and will have the cloak and scarf she wears as well.

Will post more photos as I do them

Cosplays past and present

I am a cosplayer I love it and I love challenging myself my first attempt to make a cosplay myself was Midna from Twilight princess, I took out runner up tech on Saturday at Manifest 2009 and 2nd place at egames , I enjoyed the challenge i had making her, I hope once I slim down to do her again.

The Glowing affect was a hit , and I really hope to improve on this cosplay in future.

I am also working On a new Princess Zelda cosplay, I am taking my time with the detail hoping it will be ready for Manifest this year.

I hope to improve with each cosplay I make, and have resolved that i will loose weight and get more cosplaying done lol.

Dragon Age

Recently finished the game and I must say one of the best I've played graphics are epic, storyline is interesting, so are the side quests, it can keep one amused for hours, they have add ons like awakening where your character now leads the Grey wardons , you find three of your old team mates , but only your old dwarf team mate sticks around Alistair only makes one appearance.

But still an overall good game if you have the time to sit down and do all the side quests.

I also preorded Transformers cyberton it comes out on the 28th of next month.

seems i am more into roleplay games these days.