Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reflecting On my past cosplays

I found a friends comment interesting they actually said that I had put time and effort into my cosplays to try and get details right but on the other hand my old cosplay partner had not really bothered , I've been thinking about this a lot, even though I don't plan to sew any cosplays for awhile I do plan on making sure the ones I buy are good quality and I recently have two new cosplay partners a female called Jaimi who is an amazing person and will do girly ones with me. I will be getting female Shepard Armour to match its going to be costly but worth it in the long run I am loosing weight and getting contacts to amazing movie grade cosplay commissioners my new zelda cosplay should be ready soon and then I plan to get a few more made. I think I will be majorly improving not only on my weight issues but in the cosplay area as I have amazing support now so don't be surprised if you see me losing heaps of weight and my cosplays start becoming better quality.