Thursday, March 29, 2012

Future Cosplay plans Long post this one lol

Angel Sheapard Mass Effect
My Shepard from mass effect I will be doing this with my guy as Garrus I honestly cant wait.

Twilight Princess Zelda
I have done this one twice but this time I am having the dress professionally made, been told the dress will be finished and I will be able to see photos of it.
Reason for cosplaying her: I grew up with Zelda and like her and her designs.

Puppet Zelda
This is when Zant controls Zelda I just have to add make up to my face. I am in Negoations to get her sword and bow made as well.

Dark Zelda
Another of the Zelda Versions I want to do in future.

Tifa Final Fantasy Advent Children
Ive always wanted to do her but held off becuase my ex hated her, but now I plan to after I reach my goal weight.

Ryoko The demon caller Tenchi Muyo
I love Ryoko shes strong and dosent take crap from preepy princess types and either do I lol so I am like her in many ways and cant wait to cosplay her.

Cammy Street Fighter
Will be doing her when I reach my goal weight with my guy as dark Ryu in a street fighter group I cant wait.

Mirya Sterling Robotech
Alien enemy turned good guy married to SDF-1 Pilot ace Max sterling I love the green hair.

Lynn Minmei Robotech
The voice of the songs that helped win the robotech war , her singing showed many zendrodi there was more to life then war.

Jem Jem and the Holograms
80's cartoon rockstar who rocked with her holograms against the evil misfits and always came out on top.

Yuna Final Fantasy Songdress

Venus Sailor Moon
Decided just to do her as she was orginally on my list and once I slim down shes to be done